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Item Detail:
Model #: SLIDE-11
Size with pool: L x W x H
47ft x 12ft x 16ft
Indoor: Yes

Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 2 Years



This Inflatable 14 Feet Tall is 3 in 1:
1. Water slide with Inflatable detachable pool.
2. By the house swimming pool.
3. Slide dry with a stopper

Enjoy a sunny day outdoors with this fabulous product

Is important to let you know …

This activity must be supervised by an adult at all times.
Size required for setup this inflatable water slide: 26’L x 15’W x 20’H
No Stairs or hills for this Water slide.
Entrance/Path to set up area must be at least 4 feet in width.
Customers will provide 1 Garden Hose that reaches the Inflatable Water slide.
Do not use silly string near the bounce house, as it damages the vinyl.
All children must leave the unit immediately, if it starts to deflate.
Access to the standard 120 V outlet within 100 feet of the configuration area, including the extension cord.
No food or drinks inside the bounce house.
Do not have water hose or water in general in the inflatable unless it is a water slide.
All runners should remove their shoes, glasses and sharp objects before playing in the inflatable.
All children must leave the unit immediately, if there is a threat of inclement weather, lightning or thunderstorms present.
If your event is held in a park, you will need a generator.