In consideration items rented will be (hereinafter referred to as “Rental”) described by the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “Renter”)from OKIE DOKIE Party Rental (hereinafter referred to as “OKIE DOKIE Party Rental”) upon the terms and conditions it is agreed as follows. Conditions of Use: By accepting delivery of rental, customer agrees to all terms and conditions shown on this rental contract. Customer assumes full responsibility for all rentals, including their safe and proper use, operation, maintenance, and return to OKIE DOKIE Party Rental. Renter is responsible for all loss, damage, or repair. OKIE DOKIE Party Rental makes no warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, or any warranties, expressed or implied.  General wear is referred to as one single rentals normal deterioration under reasonable use.

WAIVER of LIABILITY for Contract

The renter shall defend, indemnify, and save harmless Okie Dokie Party Rental from and against any and all liability, damages, costs, or expenses, claims, including attorneys’ fees, arising from the use of the rental stage and its installation under this contract, or from acts or omissions or negligence of the renter, and his / her agents, servants, guests,

invitees or visitors or any other third parties. Okie Dokie Party Rental does not warranty installation of the stage as to its safety.

The renter understands that the use of the stage presents certain risks to those who use it, especially when alcohol is present.

The renter accepts full responsibility for the use of the items and releases Okie Dokie Party Rental from any and all liability for any injury or damage arising from the use of the product. The renter also agrees to advise anybody using the stage that they use it at their own risk

and will post to sign to that effect prior to anyone using the products.


In the event that you require immediate assistance for a day of event please call us: (786) 277-8762 / (786) 277-8762


Cancellations in general will be charged a fee of 25% of the total invoice.

​Cancellation due to inclement weather or rain must be made no later than 24 hrs. prior to the starting time of the event. Once our trucks are in route to the event, full payment is due rain or shine. We will always do our best to accommodate our clients if activities are postponed due to inclement weather, but once we are at the event, full payment is due.


​Pick up will be scheduled on the date and time of your contract, if OKIE DOKIE Party Rental arrives at pick up and is unsuccessful, Renter must return items back to OKIE DOKIE Party Rental or reschedule pick up for an additional fee of $25.00.

We will always do our best to accommodate our clients if need for pick up & delivery date & time. Delivery charges are calculated per mile from warehouse location. Orders will be delivered anywhere from 1 to 2 hours before your event. Once delivered it will take about 20 to 45 minutes for set-up, and the same for pick -up.

​There will be $35.00 service charge for all NSF or returned checks.  




It is the client’s sole responsibility to provide sufficient electricity to support the rented items. Also parks require the rental of generators for the use of Bounce Houses, or larger equipment. We can provide generators starting from $45.00 each. If you require a generator, we must be notified 48 hrs. prior to the event. Please be advised, that we don’t carry extra generators with us in our trucks. In the unfortunate event that sufficient power is not available, payment in full is still due. If you have any questions regarding electricity requirements, please call us: (786) 277-8762 / (786) 277-8762

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